Professor Sarah Gurr

Food security expert, Sarah Gurr, gives talk for Research Focus Week

Food security is a global issue which affects us all. From production to supply, feeding a rapidly expanding population requires cutting edge technology and complex logistical networks.

The Food Security and Land Research Alliance (FSLRA) is applying the latest research across the agricultural sciences and social sciences to address this challenge.

Professor Sarah Gurr is a world-renowned scholar and a member of the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council. She has recently joined the Alliance as Chair in Food Security working within Biosciences, and she will be sharing her thoughts on food security research and specifically the role of fungi. Fungal pathogens are a major threat to global ecosystems, accounting for billions of pounds of lost or damaged crops every year. Sarah was previously Chair in Molecular Plant Pathology at the University of Oxford.

Over 80 countries are affected by just one pathogen, rice blast fungus, which has a huge effect both on the agricultural economy and ecosystem health. Set within the context of agricultural technology, Sarah will outline how research taking place at Exeter is helping to improve our understanding of ecosystems. The evening also provides the opportunity to hear the latest news about food security research at Exeter and in the South West.

The evening is open to all with an interest in food security developments, and offers the opportunity to find out more about the research programme. The FSLRA is a collaboration between the Universities of Exeter, Bath and Bristol and Rothamsted Research (BBSRC).

To attend, please email the research events team The talk is on Thursday 16 May 2013  between 5.30pm – 7.15pm  at the University of Exeter, XFi Henderson Lecture Theatre, Rennes Drive, Exeter EX4 4ST. There is also a Video link to Peter Lanyon Seminar 10, Cornwall campus.

Research Focus Week is a week of workshops and events aimed at improving awareness of research support and strategies at Exeter.

Date: 14 May 2013

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